david1Five years ago we took the most amazing journey to get our daughter. She was born in Guanxi, China and named Gui Chin by her nannies. When we got there she was more beautiful than we could have imagined. We named her Joanna Mei Li and documented our journey here –> www.bringinghomejoanna.com
Joanna is now 6 years old and is an incredible little girl. She is beautiful and smart. She is funny and outgoing. She loves music, sports , crafts and everything in between. She amazes us every day! And now she is so excited to get a little brother from China. She is getting ready to be a big sister!

Just a couple of days before Christmas we received a call from our agency asking us if we would be interested in a little boy. Interested? We would love a little boy! Follow along with our next trip to bring him home. He was born in the same province that Joanna was born in; Guanxi, China. His nannies named him Min Cheng Xin. We are excited and nervous all at the same time! We hope we can do as good a job as we did with Joanna with our little boy.

We leave on July 12th and will post updates and pictures to this site along the way……

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  1. Marty McClellan

    I haven’t even gotten through the first page and I have tears in my eyes already! So happy for you and your family!

    1. bringingdavidhome Post author

      Thanks Marty.. Hope all is well with you. Nice to hear from you. try to get past page one!

  2. Ellie, Pat and Tess

    We are beyond thrilled for all of you.
    Hope we can meet David very soon!
    Joanna will be such a great big sister.
    Love to all….

  3. Shelley and Alan Schnirman

    Alan and I are so happy for you two, but we are surely happy for David Levy, for it is he who is getting such wonderful
    parents! (Mazel Tov David Levy, and Andrea and Jason)!!
    With Love and Best Wishes,
    Shelley and Alan Schnirman

  4. Marianne and Daniel

    He is gorgeous!!!!! We miss all of you. The street is so quiet. Please post some pictures for us to enjoy!


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